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Trifinder 2, Installation and operation instructions

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Pub. 988-0143-651


TriFinder 2

Fish-finding & Depth Sounding Sonar

Installation and Operation



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Eagle Electronics TRIFINDER 2 user manual

2020-08-19 16:51:42
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Eagle Electronics User Manual



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Contents: Eagle TRIFINDER 2 Sonar Owner’s Manual

  • 2 Sonar Frequency:…………………. 200 kHz. Transducer: ……………….. BV-WSX BroadView transducer offers fish detection area up to 150º with high sensitiv- ity settings. Operates at speeds up to 70 mph (61 kts.) Transmitter: ………………. 1500 watts peak-to-peak power (typical); 188 watts RMS power (typical). Sonar sounding Depth capability:……….. 800 feet (244 meters). Actual capability de- pends on transducer

  • 42 SYSTEM INFO To show the operating software system information, press MENU DOWN until the S YSTEM menu appears, then press UP ARROW . Press MENU DOWN until the S YSTEM I NFO screen appears. Press PWR to clear the screen. System Info screen. SIMULATOR This unit has a built-in simulator that shows a simulated bottom signal with fish signals. This lets you practice with the unit as if you were on th

  • 44 detail seen on the sonar chart. Try this command only if you are in deep water, traveling at high speed, and notice a reduction in detail on the sonar chart. When Limit Search is turned on, the digital sonar will limit its search for the bottom to the depth range you have set for the sonar chart. NOTE: Turning Limit Search on can cause the digital sonar to lose the bot- tom in some situations. The digital depth will flash if that

  • 28 NOTE: If you want to change the sensitivity in Manual Mode, first turn off Auto Sensitivity: press MENU until the S ENSITIVITY A UTOMATIC /M ANUAL menu appears. Press DOWN ARROW to select M ANUAL , then press PWR to clear the menu. To adjust the sensitivity, follow the same steps used for adjusting sensitivity in auto mode above. GRAYLINE ® Grayline  lets you distinguish between

  • 24 ZOOM The zoom feature enlarges all echoes on the screen. The 2X zoom doubles the size of the echoes on the display; the 4x zoom quadruples the echo size. To zoom the display, first press the MENU key until the Z OOM menu ap- pears. Use the arrow keys to select either 2X or 4X zoom, then press PWR to clear the menu. Zoom screen, showing Zoom menu and the 2X zoom indicator at the top right

  • 1 Introduction Thank you for buying an Eagle  sonar! Your unit is a high-quality so- nar designed for both professional and novice fishermen. All Eagle so- nars have an automatic mode that finds and displays the bottom, fish, underwater structure and more – right out of the box. All you have to do is press the on ( PWR ) key. However, if you want to fine-tune your unit, press the MENU UP key.

  • 9 Attach motor mounting bracket to transducer. 2. Slide the adjustable strap supplied with the TMB-S through the slot in the transducer bracket and wrap it around the trolling motor. Po- sition the transducer to aim straight down when the motor is in the water. Tighten the strap securely. 3. Route the transducer cable alongside the trolling motor shaft. Use plastic ties (not included) to attach the transducer cabl

  • 8 over tighten the lock nut! If you do, the transducer won’t «kick-up» if it strikes an object in the water. Align transducer centerline with hull bottom and attach to transom. 6. Route the transducer cable through or over the transom to the sonar unit. Make sure to leave some slack in the cable at the transducer. If possible, route the transducer cable away from other wiring on the boat. Electrical noise fr

  • 23 NOTE: Temperature, speed, and distance require optional temperature or speed sensors. Large Digital page. RANGE When turned on for the first time, the unit automatically adjusts the depth range according to water conditions. It always keeps the bottom displayed in the lower portion of the screen. You can over-ride the automatic range control and manually select a range. To do this, press MENU until the R ANGE menu appears. Use the arrow k

  • 36 To turn off the fish alarm without turning off fish symbols, press MENU DOWN until F ISH A LARM appears. Press DOWN ARROW to select O FF , then press PWR to clear the menu. Repeat the above steps to turn the alarm back on, but press UP ARROW to select O N before clearing the menu. Fish Alarm menu. Depth Alarms The depth alarms are triggered only by the bottom signal. No other echoes will activate these alarms

  • 39 DISPLAY CONTRAST The unit’s display contrast is adjustable to suit different lighting condi- tions. This will help you see the screen from different angles or at vari- ous times of the day. The default setting is 50 percent. To adjust the contrast, press MENU DOWN until the S YSTEM menu ap- pears, press UP ARROW , and the C ONTRAST menu appears. To decrease screen contrast, press the DOWN ARROW key. Press the UP ARROW

  • 25 ter column from 13 feet to about 39 feet, with 25 feet still in the middle of the screen. Important Tip: Your unit has the handy ability to quickly zoom in on any portion of the water column with just the touch of an arrow key. The Zoom Pan feature lets you rapidly move the zoomed area up and down to different depths. By «pointing» your zoom at different portions of the chart as it scrolls, you can get a g

  • 17 of the bracket base firmly against the cables, thus pinning them in place against the side of the hole. Finally, fasten the bracket to the dash. Attach the unit to the gimbal bracket using the supplied gimbal knobs and washers. Slide the rubber washers onto the gimbal knobs then loosely screw the knobs into their sockets. Slide the unit into the bracket with the rubber washers to the outside of the bracket arms. Tilt the unit to the desired

  • 10 Transducer angles and their effects on fish arches. If the arch slopes up – but not back down – then the front of the trans- ducer is too high and needs to be lowered. If only the back half of the arch is printed, then the nose of the transducer is angled too far down and needs to be raised. NOTE: Periodically wash the transducer’s face with soap and water to re- move any oil film. Oil and dirt on the face will redu

  • 45 Menus for changing digital number size. To change any of these options, press MENU DOWN until C HART S ETUP appears, then press UP ARROW . Use the MENU keys to cycle through the list and display the desired menu, then use the ARROW keys to select the desired number size or turn the numbers off. Press the PWR key to clear the menus. SCALES The depth scale between the upper and lower limit on the right sid

  • Pub. 988-0143-651 www.eaglesonar.com TriFinder 2 Fish-finding & Depth Sounding Sonar Installation and Operation Instructions 

  • 20 Menus change depending on the mode the unit is in. Messages may appear in menu boxes or new menus can appear, depending on previous selections. DISPLAY – Opening Screen The lights flash for about 10 seconds when the unit is turned on. The backlight menu first appears on the screen. To turn the lights on, press UP ARROW . If you don’t press a key, the menu will disappear after a few seconds. If you

  • 16 Front view (left) and side view (right) showing dimensions of the Tri- Finder sonar unit when mounted on gimbal bracket. Drill a 1-inch (25.4 mm) hole in the dash for the power and transducer cables. The best location for this hole is immediately under the gimbal bracket location. This way, the bracket can be installed so that it covers the hole, holds the cables in position and results in a neat installation. Some customers

  • 26 These figures show results of different sensitivity levels on the same location. Fig. 1: Sensitivity at 87 percent, determined by Auto Sensitiv- ity. Typical of full auto mode. Fig. 2: Sensitivity set at 50 percent. Fig. 3: Sensitivity set at 20 percent. Fig. 4: Sensitivity set at 100 percent. You can change the sensitivity level whether you are in Auto Sensitiv- ity mode or Manual Sensitivity mode. The ad

  • 48 NOISE A major cause of sonar problems is electrical noise. This usually ap- pears on the sonar’s display as random patterns of dots or lines. In se- vere cases, it can completely cover the screen with black dots, or cause the unit operate erratically, or not at all. To eliminate or minimize the effects of electrical noise, first try to de- termine the cause. With the boat at rest in the water, the first thing you should do is turn all electr

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